Students make homemade musical instruments


Staff Reports

No matter what may be happening in the world, one thing is for sure: At Crothersville Elementary School, they are making music.

Carolyn Weddle, known as “Grandma Weddle,: challenged her third grade classes to use what resources they had and make a musical instrument at home and bring it in to share.

The winners of the challenge were Camryn Couch, Lillah Growe, Shadow Erwin and Miley Strong.

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“We do our best here to encourage and challenge their creative hearts. I just love each child, and we really want to do our best with every moment we have here,” Weddle said. “We have to find ways to bring some joy and fun in today’s times, and this is the best we know how.”

Weddle has been teaching and working with the music program for five years. She enjoys keeping the students on their toes and moving.

“We have too many sitting and watching videos, and I love to move, so we do some Zumba, Just Dance, while learning rhythm and various songs,” Weddle said.

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