Kurtz native, skin care expert releases Netflix series


A Kurtz native never dreamed her fondness of beauty products would take her to where she is today.

Jamie Sherrill, known professionally as Nurse Jamie, is a celebrity skin care expert, a registered nurse and one of the world’s top beauty professionals.

A mother of triplets, she also has worked for years as a consultant to some of the top spas around the world, acquiring a long list of celebrity clientele.

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Sherrill said in 2009, she started Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, and her skin care company, Healthy Skin Solutions, because she believed the services and products were missing in the marketplace.

Her latest endeavor is the new Netflix series “Skin Decision: Before and After,” which was released July 15.

The series features Nurse Jamie and plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian as they use the latest procedures to bring out their clients’ best selves.

“It’s the first medical makeover show, more like a transformational show, from a female perspective, and I have to give props to Netflix for this,” Sherrill said. “It’s educational, and the stories are so inspiring and uplifting.”

On YouTube’s “E! News Daily Pop,” Sherrill told host Justin Sylvester that it was so inspiring to help someone transform their life as she gets to on her show.

Before Sherrill became Nurse Jamie, she was a 1989 graduate of Brownstown Central High School and the 1990 Jackson County Fair queen. She is the daughter of Ralph and Phyllis Sherrill, both deceased.

Sherrill and her sisters, Peggy Rein and Patti Weaver, grew up on the family farm where both of their parents were farmers but worked outside the home, as well.

Phyllis retired from RCA in 1997 after working there for 30 years. She died in March. Ralph retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 1995 after 30 years of service and died in 2011.

“When my mother passed, I inherited part of the farm, and I want to keep and utilize it. Plus, I don’t want my kids to be city kids,” Sherrill said. “We’re growing sunflowers, marigolds, fruit trees and herbs to be used in Nurse Jamie products — farm to bottle.”

Sherrill, who currently calls both California and Indiana home, said she has always been interested in skin care and beauty products.

“My mamaw used to put scotch tape on her frown lines at night, and I remember being a kid telling her there has to be a better way,” Sherrill said. “I was obsessed with skin care from an early age, and I started working for a dermatologist when I was 18.”

She said the dermatologist was a pioneer in laser therapy, and they were a test site for the largest laser company in the world at that time. Nobody was using lasers, so Sherrill learned the importance of the innovation in aesthetic medicine.

The reason she decided to go into nursing was when she worked for a group of dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Indiana, she really loved it.

“What brought me to California was I worked as a flight attendant for ATA in summers,” Sherrill said. “It was a great job for a young woman with no money to be able to travel.”

Even though she grew up on a farm in Jackson County, Sherrill said the move to California was an easy adjustment for her. She considers herself to be both a country girl and a city girl at heart.

The vision for Sherrill’s Beauty Park Medical Spa is to offer not only the best nonsurgical beauty solutions available on the market but also a customized combination of the most cutting-edge technical advances in anti-aging, skin care and beauty today.

The range of medical spa services includes skin perfecting, injectables, sculpting, slimming, shaping and circumference reducing protocols, tightening techniques, laser hair removal and liquid face lifts, not to mention a wide range of other cosmetic laser and facial services, according to beautyparkspa.com.

Treatment popularity at Sherrill’s spa varies by season, but tightening never goes out of style, she said.

“There is no exercise for the skin, and we stop making new collagen naturally at 25, so sometimes, you need help from your friend, the laser, especially on the back of arms, inner thighs and above the knees and elbows,” Sherrill said. “There are a number of tightening lasers that can thicken those collagen fibers and cause the skin to adhere.”

Sherrill said due to COVID-19, the at-home beauty tool business has grown exponentially.

Some of the celebrities using her Healthy Skin Solutions beauty tools and products are Jessica Alba, Busy Phillips, Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale.

Sherrill suggests her uplift roller and desert rose oil to help calm the skin irritation that can happen as a result of wearing face masks.

“When it comes to skin care favorites, beauty tools and moisturizers top my list. Moisturizing with use of a beauty tool is essential to caring for our skin during this time,” Sherrill said. “I look at skin care products as the fuel and the beauty tool as the automobile. You need both to get somewhere.”

She said moisturizers increase the skin’s water content and prevent it from feeling and looking dry, chapped and dull.

“Think of your skin as a raisin put in water. As soon as it absorbs the moisture, it plumps up and looks better,” Sherrill said. “As we are all little snowflakes, it’s important to pick the right moisturizer for your skin type.”

Here are a few of her recommendations:

The best time to apply a moisturizer is right after a shower when the skin is damp and will trap moisture on the surface.

Using too much alcohol-based hand sanitizer or too frequently washing your hands can backfire.

Overwashing can cause hands to dry out, crack and bleed, which can allow germs to enter the body.

Combat dryness by applying moisturizing cream or lotion to damp skin.

Being from Jackson County, Sherrill said she is a big fan of everything John Mellencamp, and since the mural on the side of This Old Guitar Music Store in Seymour is big, then she is a big, big fan of the mural.

“I have traveled the world, and he (Mellencamp) is by far the coolest, most fun and interesting person I’ve met,” Sherrill said. “It turns out, he grew up 29 minutes away from me.”

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Learn more about “Skin Decision: Before and After” on netflix.com, and find more about Beauty Park Medical Spa and Healthy Skin Solutions at nursejamie.com.


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