BMV asks for exact change for transactions


The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is asking Hoosiers to pay with a credit card or check when possible to complete transactions.

The agency is making this request because of the national coin shortage, which has directly impacted its branches, including the one in Seymour at 501 Burkart Blvd. The U.S. Federal Reserve is experiencing a coin shortage. As a result, the BMV is unable to access additional coin inventory to replenish its supplies.

The BMV required all branches to take steps to help mitigate the impact of the coin shortage several weeks ago and is now asking customers to use cash only when able to pay with exact change.

At this time, branches are displaying signs identifying the situation and asking customers to use alternate forms of payment.

The Federal Reserve has not provided a timeline for the coin shortage to be resolved. They have stated they expect coin inventories to return to previous levels once the coin supply chain returns to normal circulation patterns.

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