Ladies Aid meets at Immanuel Lutheran Church


Staff Reports

Ladies Aid 3 of Immanuel Lutheran Church met June 16 in the fellowship hall of the Seymour church. Roll call was answered by 16 members.

Vicar Tyler Werner gave devotions from Luke 24, verses 30-31. Two disciples were walking to Emmaus and a third person joined them. Jesus was unrecognizable to them and their minds were wandering. When they got to their destination, they invited the visitor to join them. When he was breaking the bread, they recognized the visitor as Jesus. We are part of Jesus’ body and blood in communion.

The secretary’s report was given. A motion was made by Jane Pardieck and seconded by Ginny Fenton to accept the report as given. The motion was passed.

The treasurer’s report was given. Sandi Helwig made a motion to accept the report as given and Jane Pardieck seconded. The motion was passed.

Visitation to the shut-ins for the months of March to June have been done by cards and notes. In July, visitations are by appointment and designated sites and a limit of 20 minutes. July visitations are to be done by Tammy Martindale and Fenton.

Ann Mahan reported the senior events committee called on some members who attend the senior events for a personal visit through windows with cellphones and hymn sings.

Helwig reported on the November craft show. Seventy-five vendors have requested booths. The event will be on a wait-and-see timetable. More will be forthcoming as the date gets closer.

Martindale and Fenton reported on the reopening of the child care ministry June 8. There will be lots of temperature checks, social distancing and handwashing.

The mite offerings were received, and the meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Pardieck, hostess for June, served pizza and drinks.

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