Letter: Letter to the editor Stan Hewitt


To the editor:

In response to the Lee Hamilton article you published June 5, 2020.

Lack of Studies in American government is obvious in this article. World respect is not obtained by being the bully, and gifting money to foreign governments to shut up and follow our lead. The USA knows how you should live, think, and you should admire us. Well, that finally wore off.

President Obama said that at the start of his second term "we are no longer the world police", so he started military reduction, making nice with Cuba, Iran, and China, and apologized to Japan, so the policy changed to don’t offend anyone regardless of the cost; but nothing was about Native Americans.

And we think we have the right to criticize Hong Kong policies.

American problems are the result of greed. We exploit anyone or anything for the dollar. Chinese built our railroads and black grew our cotton.

General MacArthur warned us about the Chinese when he was told to pull back ti the 38th parallel in Korea, and we did nothing. The Chinese thought we are suckers after Nixon went there to play nice.

Khrushchev of Russia told the USA "We will not defeat your military, we will defeated you in your schools," again we have done nothing. 

American schools should start teaching Chinese Mandarin because by 2050 you will be taking a knee to the Chinese.

So Mr. Hamilton, President Trump isn’t at fault for everything.

Ted Cruz is right for trying to get term limits in Congress; too many old heads.

Stan Hewitt, Seymour

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