Carr, Miles, Groomer, Boknecht, Seay win at Brownstown


Dusten Carr cruised to victory in the Knight Drainage and Excavating Pure Stock Don Russ Special on Saturday night as Brownstown Speedway had fans in the stands social distancing for the first time in 2020.

Carr got the big win over Dalton Fleenor, David Palmer, Josh Hayes and Mickey Hines. Carr is the third different Pure Stock winner of 2020 after three events.

Shelby Miles proved to be the one to beat in the P3 Racing Shirts Indiana Pro Late Models. Miles made it 2-for-2 for the year in Pro Late Models. Steve Peeden, Tyler Neal, Marty O’Neal and Billy Green completed the top five.

The Knight Drainage and Excavating Modified division produced the third different winner out of three races for the year when Derek Groomer took the feature win. Ryan Thomas, Jordan Wever, Tim Rivers and Bill Lewis trailed at the checkers.

Matt Boknecht got his first Pewter Hall Super Stock feature win of the year over Jamey Wilson, Steve Hollars, Trey Chastain and J.T. Huffman. The Pewter Hall Super Stocks also has produced three different winners in three races.

The Ford Crown Vic division made its first appearance of the year at the speedway. Aaron Seay picked up the victory. Eric Lewis, Brandon Cranmer, Carl Harding and Phillip Boudreaux trailed at the finish.

MCSC Non-Wing 410 Sprints are scheduled for Saturday night at the speedway with $2,000 to win.

As part of social distancing, officials urge fans to wear face masks. Only one person per team at driver registration. Gates open 3 p.m., and hot laps are at 6 p.m.


Knight Drainage and Excavating Pure Stock Don Russ Special

HEAT ONE: Mark Hines, Dalton Fleenor, Glynn Neal, Keaton Streeval, D.J. Dunn, Charles Newby, Dallas Isbell, Brent McMillan.

HEAT TWO: David Palmer, Donnie Wilson, Troy Clark, Mickey Hines, Tanner Huffman, Mike Bailey, Tommy Fleenor, Zach Hoover.

HEAT THREE: Dusten Carr, Josh Hayes, Daniel Moore, Hunter Perry, Joey Cochran, Brandon Lucas, Daniel Hall, A.J. Warren, Conner Mertens.

B-MAIN: Hoover, McMillan, T. Fleenor, Mertens, Hall, Warren, Kevin Applegate.

FEATURE: Carr, D. Fleenor, Palmer, Hayes, Mickey Hines, Clark, Moore, Streeval, McMillan, Huffman, Wilson, Perry, Bailey, Lucas, Newby, Cochran, Hoover, Neal, Mark Hines.

P3 Racing Shirts ILMS Pro Late Models (32 entries)

HEAT ONE: Tyler Neal, Raymond Humphrey, Brad Barrow, Colton Sullivan, Elliott Despain, Scott Young, Brett Wagner, Caleb Faulkner.

HEAT TWO: Steve Peeden, Marty O’Neal, Keegan Cox, Justin Bowling, Ethan Toedter, Bob Sterrett, Robby Settles, Bodi Henry.

HEAT THREE: Mason Covey, Issac Rainey, Alan Magner, Zack Burton, Joey Jones, Brad Cummings, Mike Bechelli, Caleb Schryer.

HEAT FOUR: Shelby Miles, Tyler Collins, Billy Green, Greg Kendall, Elliott Williams, Josh Boller, Keaton Streeval, Joshua Harris.

B-MAIN: Josh Boller, Elliott Despain, Ethan Toedter, Brad Cummings, Keaton Streeval, Elliott Williams, Mike Bechelli, Bodi Henry, Brett Wagner, Joshua Harris, Caleb Schryer, Bob Sterrett, Caleb Faulkner, Joey Jones.

FEATURE: Miles, Peeden, Neal, O’Neal, Green, Barrow, Collins, Cox, Rainey, Humphrey, Magner, Sullivan, Covey, Despain, Bowling, Toedter, Kendall, Burton, Boller, Cummings.

Knight Drainage and Excavating Modifieds (28 entries)

HEAT ONE: Derek Groomer, John Clippinger, Ryan Thomas, Michael Wesselman, Collin Green, Jake Leitzman, Dustin Bruce, Karlie Holt, Matthew Cooley, John Baker Jr.

HEAT TWO: Jordan Wever, Shawn Negangard, Tim Rivers, Zachary Stalker, Richie Lex, Jeremy Helton, Michael Fish, Matthew Morris, David Winters Jr.

HEAT THREE: Jacoby Hines, Bill Lewis, Bryson Clark, Jeff Deckard, Tyler Loughmiller, Nathan Voorhies, Brayden Watson, Derrick Huber.

B-MAIN: Michael Fish, John Baker Jr., Karlie Holt, Matthew Cooley, David Winters Jr., Matthew Morris, Dustin Bruce, Brayden Watson.

FEATURE: Groomer, Thomas, Wever, Rivers, Lewis, Negangard,  Green, Stalker, Leitzman, Helton, Lex, Loughmiller, Baker Jr., Fish, Clippinger, Deckard, Clark, Wesselman.

Pewter Hall Super Stocks (25 entries)

HEAT ONE: Matt Boknecht, Josh Divine, Webb Lee, David Shepherd, Kevin Jones, Phil Boknecht, Adams, Sam Lee, Justin Joy.

HEAT TWO: Colton Sullivan, Brent Lee, Jamey Wilson, Steve Hollars, Bryce Shidler, J.T. Huffman, East, Reichenbacker.

HEAT THREE: Trey Chastain, Derek Clegg, Josh Litton, Josh Turner, A.J. Warren, Dana McRae, Ross Smith, Ethan Sullivan.

B-MAIN: East, Trent Adams, Sam Lee, Roger Reichenbacker, Sullivan.

FEATURE: M. Boknecht, Wilson, Hollars, Chastain, Huffman, Divine, Clegg, Webb Lee, Colton Sullivan, Turner, Litton, Kevin Jones, Brent Lee, Adams, Shepherd, P. Boknecht, Warren, McRae, Shidler, East.

Crown Vics (11 entries)

HEAT ONE: Ruben Lewis, Carl Harding, Roger Sturgis, Austin Cochran, Jack Roberts, Brian Moore.

HEAT TWO: Eric Lewis, Phillip Boudreaux, Aaron Seay, Brandon Cranmer, Jacob James.

FEATURE: Seay, Eric Lewis, Cranmer, Harding, Boudreaux, Sturgis, Moore, Cochran, Ruben Lewis, Roberts, James.

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