Early voting results in for county elections


Early results are in for this year’s primary election.

These results are comprised of early voters, either by absentee ballot or early in-person voting. Full results are currently being counted and will be released later tonight.

There were a total of 2,367 early voters. Of those who voted early, 1,380 voted with Republican ballots, while 984 voted with democratic ballots.

In the race for Jackson County District 2 Commissioner, Bob Gillaspy led Kenny Pfaffenberger and Dave Eggers receiving 686 votes, or 52.64%. Pfaffenberger received 315 votes for 24.17%, and Eggers received 302 for 23.18%.

County council at-large candidates Dave Hall, John Nolting and Brett Turner led Woody DeZarn and Thomas Joray. Nolting received 940 votes for 27.16%, Hall received 770 votes for 22.25%, Turner received 674 votes for 19.47%, Joray received 585 votes for 16.9% and DeZarn received 492 votes for 14.22%.

Paul Foster led Ronald Cox in the race for coroner. Foster received 789 votes for 63.02% of the total votes, while Cox received 463 for 36.98%.

Additionally, Joe Biden received 86.55% of the votes for the Democratic party’s presidential nominee, and Donald Trump received 91.78% of the votes for the Republican party’s presidential nominee.

Jessica Payne received the majority of votes for the Republican nomination for Jackson 6 Precinct committeeman with 71.79%.

Andy Ruff received the majority votes for the Democratic nominee for U.S. Representative District 9 with 37.10%.

Steve Davisson received the majority of votes for the Republican nominee for State Representative District 73 with 64.10%.

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