COVID-19 antibody testing available


Schneck Medical Center in Seymour is now offering COVID-19 antibody testing for people who may have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus or who were sick and recovered but never got tested.

The test, which requires a blood draw, is used to detect antibodies, which determine whether a person has ever been infected by the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

A person’s immune system builds up antibodies or proteins after they have contracted a virus to help fight off future infections. Each antibody is different depending on the type of virus the person had.

“You should get a COVID-19 antibody test if you have recovered from COVID-19, been in close contact with someone who may have had COVID-19 or your health care provider believes you may have been exposed based on your symptoms,” said Stephanie Furlow, director of marketing at Schneck.

The cost of the test is $35 and is covered by most health insurance plans, Furlow said.

Results are available within 24 hours, and with 99.8% accuracy, the antibody test is less likely to provide a false negative result, Furlow said.

But the antibody test is not used to diagnose a patient who is sick and showing symptoms, and a positive test does not mean a patient is immune to contracting the virus again, she said.

Knowing whether a person had COVID-19 can help doctors provide better recommendations regarding care and limit the spread of the illness, she said.

“Your provider will use your test results, symptoms and medical history to develop the best plan of care for your individual needs,” Furlow said.

Possible complications of the test include pain or bruising at the site from where the blood is drawn.

The testing is being made possible by Schneck through a partnership with Roche Diagnostics.

For information about COVID-19 antibody testing, patients should contact their primary care physician. Additional information can be found at

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