Crothersville Town Council awards projects to contractors


Two Seymour companies will be responsible for road improvement projects in Crothersville.

During a recent town council meeting, All-Star Paving was awarded a paving project for being the low bidder of six contractors at $214,968.75.

Brad Bender with FPBH Inc. said the company had all of the required paperwork in order, and the bid was well under the town’s budget. He also said it was good to have competition with six bids.

The other bids were from Wingham Paving Inc. of Charlestown, $223,279.95; Dave O’Mara Contractor Inc. of North Vernon, $235,910; Mac Construction and Excavating of New Albany, $252,600; BP2 Construction LLC of Seymour, $253,312.15; and DC Construction Services Inc. of Indianapolis, $308,598.94.

In April, Crothersville learned it was successful in receiving Community Crossings funding for the third time. The town was awarded the full amount it applied for — $206,298.75. That follows the nearly $641,000 in CCMG funding Crothersville received for paving projects in 2018 and 2019.

This year’s repaving projects are Main Street Circle, Main Street from 480 feet east of Preston Street to Main Street Circle, Walnut Street from Preston Street to 700 feet east, Bard Street from U.S. 31 to Seymour Road, Walnut Street from U.S. 31 to Seymour Road, Vine Street from the terminus to Walnut Street, Central Avenue from the terminus to Moore Street and Cindy Lane from U.S. 31 to 80 feet west of Seymour Road.

Bender said the contractor will have until Nov. 3 to substantially complete the work, and the final completion date is anticipated to be Dec. 1.

The other project awarded is for Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant parking along Preston Street in front of Crothersville Community Schools. Lawyer Excavation Inc. was the lowest of three bidders at $11,400.

Other bids were from All-Star Paving, $13,450, and King’s Trucking and Excavation Inc. of Seymour, $14,580.

Again, Bender said the winning contractor had all of the required paperwork in order, and the bid came in well below the town’s predicted cost.

“I was really pleased. They came in at a good price, too,” Bender told the council. “Keep in mind you have a part to do when it’s all done with some painting and some signs, but it won’t add that much to it.”

The work will include four ADA-compliant ramps and a crosswalk in front of the main entrance of the gymnasiums. The handicap parking spaces on the east side of North Preston Street will moved to the west side. ADA access will then be available at the crosswalk and at the corner of Oak Street.

The east side of North Preston Street near the gymnasiums entrance could be reserved for public safety parking — fire, police and ambulance — and a visiting school’s bus could park just north of that area at the corner of Oak and Preston streets.

Doing this compliance project will help as the town creates an ADA and Title IV transition plan, which Bender said the town at some point is going to be mandated to have in place in order to apply for and receive federal funds.

The plan is an inventory of buildings, properties and ADA parking spaces and ramps along with estimates of what it’s going to take to bring it into compliance, Bender said. The plan also would require the council to appoint an ADA compliance officer, who would work to ensure there is accessibility around town.

During the recent meeting, the council also unanimously passed a resolution to transfer money out of the county economic development income tax fund to cover the expenses of three projects.

Those were awarded to All-Star Paving during the March council meeting. That came in at $27,382, but there will be a $1,000 discount since all three projects will be done this year.

The work will include paving the north-south alley east of the post office that runs from Main Street to Howard Street and repairing the approach on Howard Street; redoing the entrance to the police department parking lot along Moore Street; and replacing the asphalt that’s covering new drains the town installed on its right of way on the edge of Grover Stacey’s property at 400 W. Howard St.

The town could not include the projects in a request for funds from the CCMG Program because they are not roads.

Finally, the council unanimously approved a quote from All-Star Paving to fix Vonda Court for $8,000.25.

“It has not been done since before it was annexed into the town,” Clerk-Treasurer Staci Peters said. “The last thing that happened was chip and seal.”