Pay taxes on time, if you are able


Feeling helpless?

That’s understandable under the current circumstances.

COVID-19 has the whole world in its grasp at the moment, making anxiety an everyday occurrence.

But there’s one simple way you can feel more empowered this week.

Chances are the answer came in the mail the other day.

It’s your property tax bill.

Ordinarily, that’s not a day-brightener. Instead, it usually provokes an ouch for the family or business budget.

But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that these are not ordinary times.

The deadline for paying your property taxes is May 11 this year. Usually, it’s May 10, but this year May 10 is a Sunday.

Recognizing that these are unsettling and unsettled times, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has, by executive order, decreed that penalties for late property tax payments will be waived for 60 days. In other words, the spring installment of property taxes can be paid as late as July 10 without a penalty.

The governor’s been right about a lot of things this spring, but in this case we’d suggest that you — if at all possible — ignore him.


Because local governmental services — the folks who work as first responders and firefighters and emergency medical technicians and others who generally keep the wheels rolling — are feeling a budget pinch as well.

For local government to function, it needs our tax dollars.

At the moment, the need is particularly great.

So, if you haven’t been laid off and haven’t been dealing with some personal financial crisis, do the right thing: Pay your taxes by the May 11 deadline.

Sure, it won’t be fun. It never is.

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