Some have started to shine in all the gloom


Last week, I saw reminders that the world goes on even as it stands still.

Monday, I came into a box of Laura Jo’s cookies. Thank you, Craig (Luedeman), for the sunshine cookies.

I spent time with WPC (Water Pollution Control) replacing ultraviolet banks.

These banks have to be up and running come April 1. Over the winter, the bulbs were replaced.

After convincing myself that “it is just algae,” I pressure washed the channels they are placed in. I had to laugh because I have spent my entire life working with my hands and yet it seems to shock people when I jump in and help get things done.

I don’t believe I slowed them down, and we did get all 40 panels placed and ready to test before I had to head back to city hall.

As Executive Order 20-08 was handed down from Gov. Eric Holcomb, the stress level and anxiety went up. They went up for everyone in the state. As we adapt to the current norm, remember that we are all in this together. Business owners, talk to your landlords and see if they will work with you.

Everyone, think of your friends who are business owners and see if you can prepay for an item to pick up when they get reopened. See about scheduling a haircut after the shutdown or go ahead and plan to get the dog groomed.

Many area agencies are stepping up to help where they can. If you are without a paycheck at this time and need help, call 211 to see if they can find the help you need.

Last week, I also saw the Seymour Chamber step up and help launch a Business Economic Recovery Team. We will see many resources become available to help and having a BERT is a great way to establish best practices and help the most people possible.

Shutting down is new to us here in Indiana, but other states deal with shutdowns for natural disasters, like hurricanes and fires, every year. Many of those areas already have BERTs in place, and from here forward, we also will. Thank you to those that have really started to shine during this gloomy time in our history. I will not forget you or your efforts to help your fellow community members.

Last week also saw a start to pothole repair season for DPW (Department of Public Works).

Trash and recyclables still had to be picked up. I am sure many of you appreciate that we are continuing to keep the toilets flushing and to stay in regulations with our treatment plant.

I know it isn’t easy to be shut down. I know my kids hate that I won’t let them spend the night with friends. I encourage you to adopt the pace of nature and stay to your immediate family if at all possible.

Patience is the key, and if we are truly going to flatten the curve of COVID-19, we have to make some sacrifices at this time. We will survive this and thrive on the other side.

Be safe, keep your distance, be kind, support your friends and remember that we can’t control others, but we can control how we react in a time of crisis.

Matt Nicholson is the mayor of Seymour.

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