Family brightens sidewalk outside hospital with chalk art


As employees enter Schneck Medical Center, their day should get a little brighter.

On Sunday afternoon, Amy Cockerham and her daughters, Kennedy, 18, and Alyx, 14, and her two young sisters, Madison, 17, and Chloe, 15, used chalk to draw pictures and write uplifting words and phrases on the sidewalk leading up to the employee entrance at the Seymour hospital.

The employees are among those on the frontline during the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic.

In a couple of hours, Cockerham and her daughters and siblings drew a cross, a heart and a flower with colorful designs in the middle and wrote the words “Thank you,” “Hope” and “Faith” and the phrase “His name is above disease” on the sidewalk.

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“I work at Schneck as the volunteer manager, and as an organization, we have been trying to think of ways to keep the employees’ morale up,” Cockerham said.

Her sister, Lauren Earl, who is an emergency room nurse at Schneck, suggested they do some uplifting chalk art for the employees.

“We wanted to remind all the dedicated Schneck employees that there is hope amidst their long days as they face the reality the pandemic has had on them,” Cockerham said.

Destiny Mowdy, who works in environmental services at Schneck, took pictures of the artwork.

“When I saw it, it made me happy,” she said. “Seeing people doing an outreach like that just warms my heart. I’m actually excited to see it again before and after my shift.”

Cockerham encourages others to keep the frontline workers in their thoughts.

“I would encourage others to thank the frontline staff by taking the situation seriously, joining together in prayers, comments, opinions instead of division and most importantly recognize who our hope is found in during this Easter week, where we need reminders of hope now more than ever,” she said.

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