Man arrested after beating, robbery

Police have arrested a Jennings County man for recently beating and robbing a person in Seymour.

Alan Joseph Marantos, 34, of North Vernon is facing preliminary Level 2 felony charge of robbery resulting in serious bodily injury.

According to the probable cause affidavit signed by Seymour Officer Crystal Schapson, officers were alerted Tuesday of a man who appeared to have been battered walking near Second Street and Carter Boulevard.

After being questioned about his condition, the man reluctantly mentioned someone had pulled a gun on him, beat him and robbed him, police said.

According to the court records, the man said he met Marantos through a mutual friend, and Marantos had offered to give him and his wife a ride from Country Squire Lakes in North Vernon to Seymour. Sometime during the trip, the man cashed a check for $700 and gave some of the money to Marantos as payment for the gas used during the trip.

Police said the man said Marantos asked him if he wanted to hang out later, and the man agreed. Marantos later returned, picked up the man and brought him to an abandoned house in Seymour.

Once there, Marantos punched the man from behind and took cash from from his pockets before fleeing, according to court records.

Police said the man was nonchalantly providing details and descriptions of what had happened and generally seemed not to be bothered by it. After being shown a photo of Marantos, the man identified him as the one who had attacked and robbed him.

The man later stated he never actually saw a gun during the attack but assumed Marantos was carrying one based on the way he was acting.

Marantos was arrested and booked into the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown on Thursday evening.

A Level 2 felony carries a sentence ranging from 10 to 30 years with an advisory sentence of 17½ years.