Brownstown Town Council approves quote for stormwater drainage project



A Seymour company has been hired to fix a stormwater drainage issue in Brownstown.

During a meeting Monday night at the town hall, the Brownstown Town Council unanimously awarded the project to EnviroHeat LLC, which submitted a price of $16,182.80.

The only other quote received was nearly $64,000 by All Star Paving of Seymour. Clerk-Treasurer David Willey said that company’s bid contained elongated pipe and “elaborate-type stuff,” which made the price higher.

Willey said there’s an open ditch that extends from the east side of South Poplar Street and passes between a couple of residential properties, heads south past three residential backyards and then goes east and under Main Street.

That area is open, and it’s flooding between Poplar Street and the back side of the second residential property. That results in water getting up into a resident’s garage and flooding it.

“There’s no culvert or anything there,” Willey said. “We’ve also got another place where there’s an exposed lateral. It goes through the drain and ditch area between the alley and Poplar Street. If you go down past the alley, that’s the area where the lady gets water in her garage occasionally. It’s all open from Poplar Street.”

Willey said stormwater drains from U.S. 50 or Commerce Street and a mobile home park, and then it goes underneath Poplar Street.

“Then it’s open and goes down toward before Vallonia Road,” he said. “It turns and goes toward Main Street again, and then it goes underneath Main Street, which there’s a culvert there. It’s all underground. Then from Main Street until you get past the Hoosier Christian Village property, it drains into a larger ditch between there and the elementary school.”

The solution is to dig down and run a 30-inch pipe from South Poplar Street to where it gets to its deepest point, which is behind Brownstown Pentecostal Church and the Markel residence.

“Also, if you go up farther on Poplar Street, down south on Poplar Street before you get to Vallonia Road, there’s another place where water is dumped into an open area, and it joins where the ditch goes between the road,” Willey said. “It’s just all open.”

Councilwoman Sharon Koch asked if Street Superintendent Phil Owens had seen the size of the pipe the company will be put in to ensure it will handle all of the stormwater. Willey said Owens and former superintendent Dale Shelton had been involved with the project since before Christmas.

“There’s also another drainage pipe that actually comes up from the neighborhood that goes down toward the alley on this side of the neighborhood, and that pipe is completely clogged and needs to be replaced, too,” Willey said. “It’s only like a 12-inch pipe, but that will be cleaned up also and will go into the 30-inch pipe. That’s in the scope of this project.”

Once EnviroHeat is able to start the project, Willey said it should take about a week to complete, depending on the weather.

“It’s definitely a problem area,” Councilman Mark Reynolds said. “I went down there when it was raining to see what the situation was. It would help on up the street toward Huck’s.”

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