Converter cut from vehicle, police issue warning

The Seymour Police Department issued a warning to the public Tuesday after someone removed two catalytic converters from a truck left in a parking lot on the southeast side of the city.

Police believe the incident, which happened Monday night at the Jamestown Apartments, involved multiple people in a vehicle of their own, due to the speed of the crime, according to a news release from the department.

Criminals will generally use battery powered reciprocating saws to remove the converters from vehicles with the intention of scrapping them for parts, police said.

This is a crime that can be committed within the span of around five minutes, making it difficult to catch perpetrators, police said.

Police advise people to park their vehicles in populated areas if they do not have access to a garage. They also are advised to use surveillance cameras to watch their vehicle.

Considering the amount of noise caused by cutting one of these converters, if you hear anything out of the ordinary, police asked that you call at 812-522-1234

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