Cummins Seymour plant joins Environmental Stewardship Program


Staff Reports

Cummins Seymour Engine Plant recently joined the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Environmental Stewardship Program.

The company joins 55 other businesses that have committed to implementing or maintaining measurable environmental improvements, such as reducing water or energy use, decreasing solid or hazardous waste or reducing air emissions.

The plant on East Fourth Street Road in Seymour produces and develops high horsepower diesel and natural gas engines.

To be accepted into program, the plant has maintained a standard of environmental compliance, developed and implemented an environmental management system (ISO 14001 certified) and committed to a variety of environmental improvement projects.

IDEM Commissioner Bruno Pigott said the company’s commitment to the environment serves as inspiration for businesses throughout Indiana.

The company’s first-year project is to reduce energy consumption through LED lighting initiatives, automation of the power-down processes and reclaiming some reverse-osmosis reject water.

Future projects include further improvements in the recycling processes. The plant also will be partnering with Heritage Interactive to initiate waste reduction and awareness projects using sustainability treasure hunts and dumpster dives.

To maintain membership in the program, the plant must report on environmental initiatives every year and reapply for membership every four years.

The program focuses on improving the state’s environment and business climate through innovation and efficient resource allocation. Participating organizations achieve environmental objectives through creating and implementing an environmental management system.

Applications to the program are accepted two times each year. The spring application round occurs April 1 to May 31, and the fall application round occurs Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 each year.

For information about becoming a member, visit

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