Crosswalk to be added at Jackson County Fairgrounds


When it comes to safety, the Jackson County Fair Association wants to be proactive instead of reactive.

Over the past few years, fair board member Jerry Hounshel has worked on the security committee for the event that annually draws 100,000-plus visitors per year.

This past summer, the former Jackson County sheriff and commissioner noted a growing concern for pedestrians crossing the road on East County Road 100S to get to the fair, which also is known as Camp Pyoca Road.

Hounshel said he has seen an increase in the number of cars parking in the lots adjacent to the road, which has led to more foot traffic.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the fair board and Jackson County Commissioners, fairgoers will be a little bit safer in the future.

At the most recent commissioners meeting, Hounshel laid out a plan to better serve the public safety at the fair.

Hounshel asked that two temporary solar LED pedestrian crossing signs be purchased as well as two speed bumps installed and a crosswalk painted at Gate 5, which leads to the fair office, for the upcoming fair season.

He asked that the commissioners split the cost on the project with the fair board. He said each sign will cost about $1,800, and there will be minimal additional costs for the speed bumps and paint for the crosswalk.

Hounshel said signs will be portable, and they can be taken out for other big events during the year, such as races at the Brownstown Speedway if needed.

The Jackson County Highway Department will provide labor for the project and will store the signs when they are not being used.

All three commissioners — Matt Reedy, Drew Markel and Bob Gillaspy — voted in favor of the motion.

This year’s Jackson County Fair will be from July 26 to Aug. 1. Hounshel said a timetable hasn’t been set to complete the project yet, but it will be ready on opening day.

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