Jennings County Outlaw Karting names 2019 champions


The Jennings County Outlaw Karting announced their division champions for the 2019 racing season. The awards banquet will be held on January 25, 2020 at the ETC building in North Vernon. For more information call Clayton Perry at 812-718-7236.

Owen Barr of North Vernon was the top driver this year in the flathead division, winning the track championship. Dylan Wick was second followed by Kyle Willis, Jordan Hiner and Troy Neal. The rest of the top-10 drivers were Connor Ramey, Brayden Taylor, Brandon Malone, Ethan Chandler and Cody Hines.

Clayton Howard of North Vernon was the top point driver for the rwyb class. Thomas Fields finished second to Howard with Sam Alloway, Kyle Willis and Aaron Fields completing the top-five participants. The remaining top-10 were Johnny Smith, Scott Willis, Kevin Cunningham, Greg Croucher and Leroy Blevins.

Bret Robbins from Commiskey captured the 340 clone division, winning the championship over Kennan Wilson, Skyler Cohee, Amanda Baverla and Jasmine Smith. The remaining top-10 drivers were Corey Vanover, Colton Lucas, Josh Garris, Chris Buchanan and Mike Smith.

The 400 clone champion was Scott Bowman of North Vernon taking the title over Nathan Brown, Travis Wilburn, Justin Graham and Bryce Foley. Completing the top-10 were Jacob Owens, T.J. Garris, R.T. Lowe, Jason Goff and Shane Cohee.

Parker Perry of North Vernon won two division track titles this year grabbing the boxstock outlaw winged karts and the youth pred championship. Perry took the top honors in the boxstock class over Layden Burton, Norman Girard, Zach Roell, Jentry Cash, Jacob Chad and Preston Carr.

Jentry Cash of Brownstown was victorious in taking the rookie flatheads division. Jacob Chadd was second to Cash with Zach Roell, Maddi Morgan and Zoey Watkins rounding out the top-five competitors.

Josh Cash of Brownstown was the top driver this year in the 380 clone division garnering the most points to take the championship over Jacob Owens, Eddie Foley, Robert Doyle and Travis Wilburn. The next five drivers were T.J. Garris, Cody Hobbs, Kevin Cunningham, Ethan Chandler and Rob Stillabower.

Luke Darlage of North Vernon won the jr. 3 clone division over Madisyn Garris, Calli Lucas, Evan Shatto and Kayla Roell. Wyat Barr led the next five drivers with Jacobi Clark, Saban Biebent, Karmeron Arthur and Sarah Willis rounding out the top-10 drivers.

The top driver in the jr. 2 clone division this year was Jacobi Clark of North Vernon. Bradley Brown was second in points followed by Zane Riley, Jake Roell and Logan Huckeba. Elijah Knoke, Landon Gilbert, Skyler Cohee, Kolby Arthur and Ricky Bernard rounded out the top ten.

Kyle Willis of North Vernon won the senior clone champs division over Allan Brogdan, T.J. Garris, Corey Vanover and Lance Dubois.

Zane Riley of Sellersburg led the way in the jr. clone champs division taking the point championship over Preston Carr and Logan Huckeba.

Brownsburg’s Reece Saldana captured both the intermediate outlaw winged division and the open outlaw winged karts class.

Robert Doyle snagged the senior pred title over Kyle Willis, Gabe Wells and Cody Bower.

Jennings County Go-Kart Results

The Jennings County Outlaw Karting ran its final race of the 2019 season on October 20. The winners were Owen Barr (flatheads), Norman Girard (boxstock outlaw), Ron Stillabower (340 clone and 380 clone), Maddi Morgan (rookie), Preston Carr (jr. champ), Jacobi Clark (jr.3), Bryce Foley (400 clone), Aaron Fields (rwyb) and Sharyn Burton (powder puff).

Brownstown announces major races for 2020

The Brownstown Speedway has announced that the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will make two appearances again in 2020. The Indiana Icebreaker will be contested on March 21 with a top prize of $12,000 to win. The track’s signature event the Jackson 100 will be held on September 26 paying $15,000 to win. For more info and

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