Slides removed from Brownstown Park for safety concerns



Going down a slide on a piece of playground equipment at Brownstown Park currently is not an option.

Three slides on the play feature near the indoor shelter house recently were removed, and another slide soon will be removed.

Pieces of plywood have been placed over the openings to prevent people from falling through or using the slide that’s still in place.

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After a recent inspection, the plastic slides were removed because of safety concerns, Brownstown Town Councilwoman Sharon Koch said during Monday night’s council meeting.

In October, the Brownstown Park Board determined the most-needed item is playground equipment. The park has three areas with playground equipment, and the board agreed it may be best to get rid of the pieces near the concession stand and replace the equipment in front of the indoor shelter house and next to the volleyball court.

Kevin Hanner, the park superintendent and a member of the park board, put tape around the edges of some pieces and doctored up a slide. He, however, was concerned someone could get hurt while using the slide.

The playgrounds near the indoor shelter house and concession stand were put in 20 years ago and are made of recycled plastic, while the one near the volleyball court was purchased used and installed five years ago.

Hanner said the playgrounds are used the most by people because they are available year-round.

Koch said she is pursuing costs and grant opportunities to buy new playground equipment. The feature in front of the shelter house cost around $63,000 when it was put in 20 years ago.

Koch said she knows of a couple of grants that would provide between $20,000 and $100,000.

"Maybe next year, if we can come up with money to match, we could try to get some helpful money in the right direction for some of these things that are in desperate need of help," she said.

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