Crothersville Clerk-Treasurer: Staci Peters Q and A


What’s behind your decision to run?

I have lived in Crothersville most of my life with no intentions of moving again. I have deep roots to Crothersville and believe that with the board members and I as the clerk-treasurer, we can choose the best path financially for our town.


What are your qualifications?


While working for Judge Bruce MacTavish, I found an interest in politics. As I followed many local politicians on their roads to making a great change for their own community and following in my grandfather’s footsteps as he held a seat on the Crothersville board many years ago, I am ready to help make a change in Crothersville and be a voice for our community. I am employed with The Peoples Bank in Crothersville. I get to see many people in our community on a daily basis. We have logs, record books, large amounts of money to balance daily and oversee many accounts.

What is the role of the clerk-treasurer position when it comes to conducting the town’s business?

I believe managing the finances, keeping the town financially stable and being in compliance with the state-required reports are very important, and I also believe I am the person for the job.

What has been your campaign strategy?

I always have a positive attitude, whether it’s answering questions or helping to solve a problem. I have very good customer service skills that I believe anyone working in their community should have.

What are voters telling you?

I am looking forward to the chance to keep Crothersville moving forward.

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Name: Staci Peters

Age: 42

Party: Republican

Occupation: Employed with The Peoples Bank in Crothersville

Family: Husband, Jeremy Peters; and sons, Tyler Peters, Trevor Peters and Nathaniel Peters


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