Seymour City Council At-Large: Erin Meadors Q and A


What are your thoughts on annexation and TIF districts?

When it comes to TIF districts, we need to assess the increase of value versus the increase in property taxes. With the increase of taxes, we will see more individuals leaving our community. We need to work on lowering property taxes while increasing our community’s value as a community for opportunity. TIF funds taken from property taxes to invest in other properties can hurt those who need to invest in themselves.

Do you think the city needs to pursue solar energy? Why or why not?

Solar energy will be and is important to the citizens of this community. We should look into the programs that we have that aren’t providing the desired outcomes that we are already funding before we add additional costs.

What do you think the city needs to do to improve public safety?

We as a community need to take responsibility for our own families and neighborhoods. Adding more ordinances and more officers won’t stop crime. It creates more obstacles for us, the people, to take care of one another.

Are there any infrastructure (roads/sewer) projects you think the city needs to pursue?

They need to treat each area of the town equally. Roads in certain areas get constant attention, while others are ignored. Let’s handle that before we continue to add more on to our stretched resources.

What improvements do you think need to be made to our parks?

I would like to see our community come together and volunteer to make the improvements needed. Specifically, our residents can spend a few minutes of their own personal time to do so rather than relying on the government to make a decision like that for them. I would be happy to organize and donate my time to an event once a month to do so.

Do you think any changes need to be made to the public transportation system?

I personally feel the public transportation system in this town could use improvements in its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our town is still small enough that throwing money at public transportation wouldn’t benefit the residents here.

What ways do you feel the city should increase revenue and/or cut expenses?

Our residents aren’t in need of more of their income used for more programs. They need the programs we have to be looked over for cost-benefit analysis, elimination for failed or underperforming programs and streamlining of those that do so that the funding coming from their labor is used efficiently and with transparency.

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Name: Erin Meadors

Age: 35

Party: Libertarian

Occupation: Office manager

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University

Previous government offices held: N/A

Community affiliations: Former chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Jackson County, current vice chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Jackson County, current vice chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Indiana


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