Seymour City Council At-Large: Drew Storey Q and A


What are your thoughts on annexation and TIF districts?

Annexation and TIF districting can provide the needed support in many cases for economic development, which traditionally returns high value to the residents it serves; however, it is not a solution for all cases. I believe government leaders should be expected to complete the necessary steps to evaluate the opportunities and the risks in each case.

Do you think the city needs to pursue solar energy? Why or why not?

In my experience, solar energy generation requires a large sum of capital and oftentimes does not have the return on investment that is expected. Nonetheless, it remains an emerging technology. I am in fact very supportive of emerging technologies, innovations and determining the relevant returns for our community.

What do you think the city needs to do to improve public safety?

Public safety is a service that is such a necessity because society has proved that we need it more now than ever before, but it is also expected to be operated at the highest value for the lowest cost. I expect our city leaders to continue to offer the educational programs that have the largest impact on awareness.

Are there any infrastructure (roads/sewer) projects you think the city needs to pursue?

Our public leaders in the last 12 years have engaged with the right subject matter experts to develop a financial strategy that prepares our city for addressing the most critical infrastructure needs. Continuing to engage these experts is something I support so that we ensure we are doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons.

What improvements do you think need to be made to our parks?

Our parks department has done a stellar job of promoting a healthier and desirable experience in our community. I would like to see this department continue to partner through public/private initiatives like they did with the Schneck Foundation at Crossroads Community Park.

Do you think any changes need to be made to the public transportation system?

I would like to learn more about this system/program before forming any sort of opinion on its future.

What ways do you feel the city should increase revenue and/or cut expenses?

In my experience, the first step in identifying opportunities to increase revenues or cut costs starts with measuring productivity. The next step is analyzing the gaps from the planned results to the actual results. I believe the city of Seymour has some work to do on setting the baseline before any of the new or existing leaders can develop cost-cutting or revenue-generating activities.

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Name: Drew Storey

Age: 35

Occupation: Engineering consultant and local business owner

Education: Educated at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Previous government offices held: Although I have not served as an elected official, I have spent 10 years of my career serving as a State of Indiana employee.

Community affiliations: Immanuel Lutheran Church (board of elders, parish media committee member), Seymour Main Street (board of directors, design committee member), Alex Rust Memorial Foundation (board of directors, treasurer), Seymour Area Youth Football League (board of directors, treasurer), Jackson County United Way (community investment committee member)

Family: Spouse, Kari Storey; children, Kinsley, Dysen and Kollins


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