Medora Town Council: Jerry Ault Q and A


What do you think you can bring to the town council?

If elected, I can bring the knowledge of grants that are out there specifically for small communities, and I have the understanding of what it takes to make things happen.

What’s the most pressing issue facing the town at this time, and how do you plan to address it?

There are several issues currently facing Medora. There is a terrible drainage issue, the sewer system needs upgraded, more police presence is needed at night to help prevent theft and other issues.

What should the town do to position itself for growth and development?

We need more children in our school to keep it in our community, housing and businesses.

How would you help the council be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money?

Since there is a limited budget, it is the council’s responsibility to utilize its budget wisely and get more bang for the buck.

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Name: Jerry Ault

Age: 55

Party: Republican

Occupation: Superintendent of the Jackson County Highway Department


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