Brownstown Town Council Ward 1: Pamela Fleetwood Q and A


What do you think you can bring to the town council?

I can bring to the Brownstown Town Council the ability to work as a team to help decide the best solutions for the needs of the community. I have many years of management experience, building teams and working together to create solutions and resolve opportunities successfully.

What is the most pressing issue facing the town at this time and how do you plan to address it?

I would like to see more growth in this quaint town of Brownstown such as restaurants, unique shopping and a competitive grocery store while promoting local ownership of these establishments. I am definitely interested in hearing what the residents of Brownstown feel are issues that need attention.

What should the town do to position itself for growth and development?

Our town should focus on local growth and reinvestment. The community needs incentives to support local business so the growth of Brownstown will continue. Supporting local businesses creates convenience, loyalty, value and jobs while building community.

How would you help the council be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money?

I have years of experience in balancing a budget successfully. I am committed to helping the Brownstown Town Council, along with the other members of the council, to be responsible with the taxpayer money.

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Name: Pamela Fleetwood

Age: 60

Party: Democrat

Occupation: GNC manager


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