Crothersville Town Council: Kyle McIntosh Q and A


What do you think you can bring to the town council?

I can bring real. I’m a real person who represents the real struggles of our community.

What’s the most pressing issue facing the town at this time, and how do you plan to address it?

In my opinion, I think the most pressing issue is the future of our community (if it will still be here in 10 years). But in order to do that, many, many small positive efforts must be done, not just by political parties, but by our community.

What are your thoughts on annexation for Sims Bark Co. and any other future development in the town?

I’m a huge supporter of annexation of Sims Bark and surrounding properties between Interstate 65 and the existing town line. That is valuable land that needs to be annexed and zoned, preferably commercial or light industrial, which in turn would bring a lot more business into our community, which would then generate more revenue and give people a reason to stay in this town.

How would you help the council be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money?

I feel encouraging community members to be more involved in financial decisions concerning the town would make a huge difference. That’s money they have invested into this town through taxes, etc. They should be well informed of what the funding is being used for and when it is used 100% of the time.

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Name: Kyle McIntosh

Age: 33

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Business owner and tattoo artist


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