Seymour man arrested for criminal confinement


A Seymour man faces charges after not allowing a woman to leave his vehicle, police report.

Timothy McFall, 33, was arrested on a preliminary Level 5 felony of criminal confinement by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday.

Dispatch received a call at 8:45 p.m. from a woman walking on State Road 39 near State Road 250.

Officer Zach Elliott founded the woman, who said she riding with McFall in Brownstown.

The woman said McFall started acting strange, so she called a friend and left the phone on so she could hear the situation in case something happened, police said.

McFall took off with the woman in a vehicle and wouldn’t tell her where they were going.

The woman asked McFall to let her out of his vehicle, but he wouldn’t stop, police said.

The woman tried to stop the vehicle by attempting to put the vehicle in gear while McFall was driving. He eventually stopped and let her out.

Brownstown Police Department Officer Ryan Cherry later spotted McFall in Brownstown.

McFall first denied the woman asked to get out of the vehicle and then said she asked several times. He said the only reason he stopped was because the woman punched him.

Mcfall was booked into the Jackson County Jail in Brownstwon at 12:38 a.m. Sunday without bond.

A Level 5 felony is punishable by one to six years upon conviction with an advisory sentence of three years.

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