Ready to get to work: Tribune’s new sports editor ready to serve Jackson County

It doesn’t seem too long ago I started my first full-time sports gig at the Hendricks County Flyer in Avon.

Truth be told, I lucked into that job — after a handful of years writing for other papers — right before the spring sports season started and I thought I was going to have a panic attack my first night covering some baseball at Plainfield High School.

Now, after just a few days here in Seymour, I’m getting that same sort of anxious energy before the rest of the fall season begins.

And I’ve only had one event to cover so far.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see plenty of state champions in my short career. Just two months into my tenure at the Flyer, I covered the Avon Orioles softball team’s first ever state title. They went back the following year and finished runners-up to Crown Point.

All told, I’ve covered multiple state champions and state placers in girls’ golf, wrestling, volleyball, track, softball, cross country and swimming.

Those were some great moments and the champion-caliber kids were even better and their stories are some I’ll never forget.

Looking at some of the sports history here in Jackson County, I expect to be busy well into the fall, winter and spring months.

So much of sports coverage, however, goes beyond the box score and what happens on the field. I get that everyone wants their name in the paper or their picture on the front page of the sports section. I hope to do that but I also want to detail all of your achievements as best I can.

Simply put, if you’ve got a great story that needs telling, I want to tell it. 

And if there’s a story I’m not telling, I want you to tell me. Call me and leave me a voicemail; my number is 812-523-7076 or send me an email at [email protected].

Like most millennials, my phone is the epicenter of everything I do and it’s attached to my hip when it’s not in my hands. If there’s something I screwed up — which I hope to not do too much — and you want me to tell me about it, I encourage you to do so. In addition to telling stories, I pride myself on making sure I get everything right along the way.

Trying to replace Jordan Morey, who is moving over to news at The Tribune, is going to be tough but I’ll do my absolute best to win you all over. 

I love high school sports. I believe the sights and sounds on a Friday night football field or the noise of the pep band in the gym is something you can’t find elsewhere in sports. I also believe you won’t find more genuine athletes and coaches anywhere else in this domain.

I’m not, however, all about prep sports all the time.  

Yes, I have my college and pro sports teams — Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Royals, North Carolina Tar Heels, Indiana Pacers, Calgary Flames and Liverpool — and you can blame my dad for half of my allegiances. I’ve seen all but the Flames live and I hope to take a trip to Alberta eventually.

While each event I’ve attended has been fun, it’s nothing compared to some of the packed stadiums and fieldhouses I’ve been to on a Friday or Saturday night. 

I hope to see plenty of loud fans in the stands when football season starts in two weeks.

Dylan Trimpe is sports editor for Tribune. He may be reached at 812-523-7076 or [email protected].

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