Letter: Letter to the editor Steve Plasse

To the editor:

I usually like Leo Morris’ columns for his writing style and humor but almost always disagree with him on principle.

His Thursday column in which he extolled the virtues of “fuddy-duddy conservatism” as he criticized Brian Howey’s recent column was no exception.

The problem with his urgings for Indiana to “foster a conservative revolution” is that American conservatism is failing us all. Whether “fuddy-duddy” or neo-con, American conservatives have resisted civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights.

Their self-serving philosophy is seen most dangerously in their rejection of the human rights of our posterity in their steadfast resistance to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and engage in the global effort to slow and mitigate the gathering climate crisis.

I hope your readers will not join Morris’ invitation to reject administrative law (wherein he really means the tedious act of governing). We’ve tried his go-slow (do nothing) approach for decades (except for the brief respite of 2008-2016) and now we’re set for increasing calamity.

How can conservatives look their kids in the face and still reject the need to conserve energy and transform our energy infrastructure? As we send our kids back to school, we are surely saying prayers for their future.

Fuddy-duddy conservatives must look beyond self interest and their comfortable lives, for we’re all getting “in over our heads.”

Steve Plasse, Crothersville