Putting in the work to be ready for supreme showmanship contest

Something new that 4-H is doing this year is quiet barn time located at Show Arena 1 at 9 a.m. today.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to see animals and needs a quiet environment. This is just one more example of how 4-H is open to any youth.

On Wednesday, I got up early to wash my dairy animals. After my brother and I got done washing, we gave the animals their morning feeding.

Due to winning master dairy showman Tuesday during showmanship, I went around different livestock barns Wednesday to learn more about other livestock animals and did hands-on learning on how to present them so I am prepared for today’s supreme showmanship competition.

Supreme showmanship is a great way for someone, especially like me, to go outside their comfort zone and have the opportunity to show different types of livestock.

After a long day of practicing for that, I went back to the dairy barn to do the evening feeding. After a long day of work, I eventually got to enjoy the entertainment the fair offers with my friends and girlfriend.

My family and I were very tired after a long show day showing a total of 17 dairy cows and heifers, but all of the time put into the day was worth it.

As my brother and I get up, we prepare for the necessary items for the last day that the animals will be at the fair. We bring a few things of feed just in case we run out. We arrive to the fair and do our usual washing and feeding of the dairy animals. We spread the remaining straw for bedding.

Our cows produce milk, which is picked up from our farm and taken to a processing plant to be packaged for milk, cheese and other dairy products for everyone to buy.

Dairy farming isn’t easy. It’s early mornings and late evenings. It’s holidays and every day. It’s a way of life, but one our family wouldn’t change. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to grow up around Brown Swiss dairy cattle and be involved in 4-H.