Athletes of the 4-H fair: Cole Darlage


Name: Cole Darlage

Grade: Sophomore

School: Brownstown Central

Sports: Football, basketball and baseball

Number of years involved in 4-H: 7

4-H activity: Beef cattle

Q: How do you balance your sports and 4-H responsibilities?

A: "Balancing sports and 4-H is not an easy task. I start my days early and end them late. I am also fortunate to have a supportive family that can get me where I need to be and help me with my daily routines. They keep me motivated and always have my back."

Q: What is your typical schedule like during the summer when it comes to 4-H and sports? What is an average day like?

A: "My day typically starts at 6:45 a.m. with basketball practice. Following basketball, I go to weights and football practice until 11:20. At noon, I start work at the fairgrounds, finishing around 4 p.m. Depending on the day, I go to baseball at 4:30 for our games or practice. I end my day in the barn with the cattle and other farm duties."

Q: Why are you involved in both 4-H and athletics?

A: "They both teach me skills for my future. I love being active and always doing something. I love athletics and our family farm."

Q: What is something you’ve learned from 4-H that translates to your sports or vice versa?

A: "The best skill I have learned through 4-H and sports is work ethic. I have learned the harder you work at something, the more success you will have. You also enjoy it more when you work for something."

Q: Why would you encourage someone in 4-H to also participate in athletics?

A: "Through 4-H and sports, you learn a lot of the same things. It takes a lot of time and responsibility, but the people you spend time with, family memories and life lessons learned are very worth it. I enjoy participating in 4-H and athletics."

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