Letter: Letter to the Editor Vincent Elsner


To the editor:

In regard to Abdul Hakim-Shabazz column on Friday, concerning legalizing pot in Indiana, I have reservations.

First, I do not smoke pot or advocate for its use. I can find some sympathy with those that might use on time off, knowing the effects are temporary, much like alcohol.

The big problem is use is still against federal law, and you will test positive for that recreational use up to two weeks later.

I question if advocates realize that most of our large employers operate in multi states, and adhere to federal law regarding drug testing in the event of any kind of mishap at work. Might not even be direct fault of employee, but the person will most likely lose their job just the same.

I suspect many will think state legalization is a free pass, without other consequence. Really only means local and state authorities won’t come after you, but you can still lose your job in a random, or otherwise, drug testing situation at work.

Vincent Elsner


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