Letter: Letter to the Editor Nancy Wolter

To the editor,

Last evening’s TV news was full of the reports of children separated from adult family members, in wire cages on concrete floors with inadequate food and water, overcrowded, some with standing room only and inadequate care.

After a group from Congress visited and saw conditions, some changes have been made, but groups of citizens have demonstrated with signs and shouts, "close the camps, close the camps!"

Seeing the discomfort, the hopelessness, reminded me of the overcrowded trucks along our highways filled with chickens, pigs and cattle, probably headed to slaughter.

An image of the train cars decorated by street artists that we see passing, then the horrible thought that these cars could be used to move ourselves, our families, to camps like Hitler did in WWII, to all who disagreed with him and how one good citizen, alive today said of Hitler that he wasn’t as bad as people said.

Here’s my suggestion to today’s political power brokers, "Make American Kind Again!"

Nancy Wolter