Boys and Girls Club of Seymour hosts annual youth triathlon


The cheers didn’t indicate whether or not a finisher was the first or last athlete to cross the finish line.

In the Seymour Triathlon, everyone roots for each other from the time the feet hit the water to when medals are handed out outside of Bulleit Stadium.

The 7th Annual Boys and Girls Club of Seymour Youth Triathlon was held Saturday on the campus of Seymour High School.

The distance for the 6- to 10-year-olds was 100 yards of swimming, 2 miles of biking and a half-mile run. The 11- to 14-year-olds swam 200 yards, biked 4 miles and ran 1 mile.

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Twenty-seven kids made up the younger age group and 12 athletes competed in the older class.

The Seymour Aquatic Center was used for swimming while a bike and racing route was set up around the SHS campus.

Volunteers assisted triathlon organizer Kendra Zumhingst during hte race.

Awards were presented to the top two boys and girls in each age category, and all finishers received medals.

In the 6 to 10 division, Conner Schafer won in 16 minutes, 8.7 seconds, Aidda Schepman was second in 16:32.5 and Dallas Sykstra placed third in 17:09.5.

Tristan Dowell took first in the 11 to 14 field, clocking 16:08.7, and Wesley Proffer (28:05.4) and William Proffer (32:18.3) followed. Alana Jacobi was first for the girls in the division in 34:35.7.

"We had a couple kids that have won multiple years now," Zumhingst said. "We had a good turnout. We didn’t have anyone with flotation devices in the pool this year which was a big thing and we didn’t have any training wheels or bike wrecks."

Zumhingst said that there was some confusion on the course, but other than that the event went smoothly.

"We had some mix-ups between the short course and the long course, but we had some people show some fortitude," Zumhingst said. "Micah Jablonski and Lauren Dowell actually got back on their bikes and did it again to make sure they did the full course to finish."

Dowell, 11, said that she loves to compete in the event every summer.

"This is probably my fourth triathlon," Dowell said. "I just always do it. It’s fun. Our family likes to race, so we do it together. When you finish you know you accomplished something.

Townsend Chambers, 10, said it was his third time doing the triathlon. He finished fourth in his division.

"I came to have fun. The running and biking part is fun," Chambers said. "The swimming is the hardest part, but I think I got better. I wanted to get first or second. I felt like I had a good race."

While it’s a lot of work for her to put it on, Zumhingst said that it’s worth it every year.

"It’s such a cool event. It’s the only one of its kind in our community," she said. "The kids love it and look forward to it. When I’m out and about they come up to me and say ‘you’re the triathlon lady.’  When you see those kids come down that shoot, they want to collapse. Finishing a race is hard, but they are able to do it with a crowd cheering for them.

"They are not cut-throat. They are all supportive. You will hear passive kids even cheering on other kids. We have really good kids."

The triathletes will be boasting their accomplishment for the next few days, Zumhingst said.

"Kids love the medals and tattoos on their arms," she said. "Every kid will still have their number on their arm at church on Sunday. They probably wont’ start to fade until Wednesday. They just love it."

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1. Tristan Dowell 26:39

2. Wes Proffer 28:05


1. Alana Jacobi 34:35

2. Lauren Bode 35:10



1. Conner Shafer 16:08

2. Dallas Dykstra 17:09


1. Aidda Schepman 16:32

2. Kaitlynn Woods 19:53


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