Letter: Don Hill Letter to the Editor

Taking Good Care of Yourself

To the editor:

"How are you?" Yes, it’s the first thing folks greet me with. They would make all kinds of excuses to leave if I really told them. However, I just say fine. I don’t dare ask them the same question. Some folks just like to be unhealthy and tell you all about it.

My mom, when she was 103, complained about the doctors because she knew she had cancer and they wouldn’t do anything about it. After all, everybody she knew had cancer and she just had to have it too. Of course, she didn’t. It was cooking everything in lard that finally got her.

Actuary, I’m in pretty good shape for my age. It isn’t because I took good care of myself through the years. I would be long gone if that were the case. No, it’s because of the wonderful care that I get.

My wife will give herself most of the credit. And she’s right. The fact that she loves to cook, and I love to eat is the first thing. Mostly though, she keeps me reminded of all my appointments.

No king who ever lived, has had better health care than I do. You see, I have a whole staff at my "beck and call."

Besides my family doctor, I have; my dermatologist; my urologist; my optometrist; my audiologist; my neurologist; my dentist; my cardiologist; my hemorrhoidlogist; my orthopedist; the EMS (with fire dept.); the emergency room staff; the hospitalist; the medical technicians; and of course, the wonderful, beautiful nurses that don’t get embarrassed at anything.

"You’re going to put the thermometer where?"

Don Hill