Letter: Letter to the Editor Sherry Goad

Get off his back. President Trump has accomplished a lot for our country in spite of the Democrats constantly throwing road blocks in front of him. He overcame a witch hunt of two years of the Mueller investigation, costing us the taxpayers a ton of money.

Now the Democrats want him to release six years of his income tax returns. A person with his income is constantly under investigation by the IRS. If they can’t find anything wrong, what makes the Democrats think they can?

Get off his back. Just more delaying tactics let’s have a look at the tax returns of our senators and congressmen and congresswomen.

They get elected with donor money from the “fat cats,” both Republican and Democrat. They take their seat in Congress with little money in the bank and leave Congress 20 years later as Millionaires. Let’s investigate our Congress men and women.

The Democrats are doing all these things trying to stop Trump’s policies. They, the Democrats, understand how they messed up when they were in power. They wouldn’t, couldn’t and didn’t bring our country out of the Housing Collapse of 2008. Their policies did nothing for our suffering country.

Now they see Triumph’s policies working and they fear they will not be able to elect a Democrat president for many years if Trump is allowed to continue his policies that are working.

Obama, Schumer and Pelosi all were for closing our southern border when they had the power to do it, but didn’t get the job done. Now that it is Trump’s idea to close the borders they are no longer for doing that. Their only answer to Trump is to prevent him from making America Great Again. The leaders of the Democrat party are only interested in their own personal gain and not what is great for the United States and its people … shame on the Democrat leadership.

Sherry Goad, Seymour