Former students, colleagues share comments about Rex Kovert


The Tribune Staff Reports

Rex Kovert recently retired after 41 years of being a math teacher for Brownstown Central Community School Corp.

Former students and colleagues were asked to share the impact he made on their lives.

Brandon Briner

Mr. Kovert redirected the path I eventually walked down in life after graduating in 2008. Prior to having him in high school, I had no intention of pursuing further education. I would eventually get a degree in education and return to teach math at BCHS because I regarded Mr. Kovert as such a great role model. The guy got the job done while having one of the best senses of humor I’ve ever enjoyed. I have since left education and am now a farmer, which is also a huge part of Mr. Kovert’s life. Rex was a great guy that I could always count on, and he loved every day, whether in the classroom or on a tractor, to a certain degree.

Jamie Temple

Mr. Kovert found a way to make learning fun. Math isn’t for everyone, and he knew that. I had him when I was in middle school, a difficult age for learning and growing. Mr. Kovert made me want to come to school and learn. It is hard to find teachers that connect with students, but he did just that. As a teacher now myself, I use some of those fun styles of learning in my own classroom. Also, I will always remember the “Rapper’s Delight” lyrics. He would always sing that in class. He is one of the best.

Greg Walker

As an administrator, I like to look at the “it” factor when it comes to teaching. Mr. Kovert has it.

Kassie Kovert Michel

I never had Dad as a teacher, but I heard lots of stories in the hallway about him — the jokes he told, the pranks he pulled. However, he was my track coach. I think everyone who had him as a coach can still hear him yelling their splits and if they were too slow. He was the king of making deals if we all made our times and would follow us in the car while we ran and cranked some music. I can definitely say he made high school a blast … sometimes haha. But having your dad (and mom) at school does have its advantages. I never ran out of lunch money.

Casey King

My favorite memories of Mr. Kovert were the goofy stories he told to make math make sense and the thunder chicken.

Emily Darlage

My son hates school, especially math, but he loved Mr. Kovert’s class. He learned so much from him because Mr. K made the class fun and interesting. He made an effort to connect to the kids that really didn’t want to be there. That means a lot as a parent. I know it’s a difficult job, especially when the kids don’t love the subject, but Mr. Kovert treats all kids with respect rather than condescension. Hats off to you, Mr. K. Blessings in your new adventure.

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