Crothersville man pens memoir


A Crothersville man has written a collection of songs and poetry, hoping that readers will be touched by his words, and as a result, some of the pressures from life’s ups and downs might be alleviated for a while.

“Memoirs of a Man” by Marcus Kane Oglesby has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc., and a story lies behind each of the works in his book.

Oglesby also has written two fantasy novels, which have been copyrighted but not yet published.

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“I was was born and raised in Madisonville, Kentucky, until I was about 14 years old,” Oglesby said. “Then we relocated to Medora with mom’s new husband. Then I went to Medora High School and graduated from there.”

Oglesby said his family moved to North Vernon during his senior year, but instead of transferring to Jennings County High School, he drove to Medora every day so he could finish out his senior year there.

“I wrote my first song around 1997 while attending Medora High School when me and some buddies had a garage band,” Oglesby said. “Being in that band was the whole reason I started writing.”

He also had a side job as a disc jockey, where he brought along his stereo and car speakers, and also did karaoke, which he has stuck with ever since. Then after high school, Oglesby served in the Navy for three years.

“When I was in California in the military, when me and some of the guys on the boat were on shore, we did white face paint, black eyeliner, goth, death metal stuff,” Oglesby said. “Nothing ever came of that band except for a lot of noise.”

Oglesby said he has tried playing guitar and bass, but it’s not a natural ability. When he really works at it, however, the instrument playing eventually gets better. His singing voice has always been there, though. He’ has been singing since he was 8.

Some of the writings in the book are songs Oglesby wrote while in Sabbath Seven, and all of the writings in the book are his and his alone.

Besides enjoying music, Oglesby said he has liked to read ever since he was 7 or 8, too. He especially enjoyed comic books and fantasy novels, and now at 38, he still does.

“I started writing on my own after they would give us those free writing assignments in school, “Oglesby said. “I enjoyed that and did well at it, so then I went ahead and continued writing stories.”

The songs and poems in the book are derived from the past 10 years of Oglesby’s life and depict everything from moments of grief, loneliness, anger and strife, he said. It’s also from times of giving himself to God and his faith and dealing with loss in his life.

“Whether a person dies or walks out of your life for whatever reason, that person is gone,” Oglesby said. “Especially if the parting of ways is traumatic, but whenever that person is gone, it’s no different than a death.”

Dorrance Publishing contacted Oglesby based upon his copyright because the title sounded like something they might be interested in, he said.

“I sent in a rough draft, which then went through a review board even though I’m self-publishing,” Oglesby said. “They are a publishing service company, and they thought is was worth putting in print.”

Dorrance sent newsw releases to all libraries and forms of audible and print media in Indiana to let them know about the book. As far as locally, Oglesby does the footwork himself with local bookstores. The book is recommended for ages 15 and up, Oglesby said.

“For those interested in writing, I suggest you keep writing and learning,” Oglesby said. “Also, keep developing and keep reading, gaining new material and just don’t stop writing, even if someone doesn’t like your work.”

He also says to scrap nothing when writing. There are a couple of writings in his book that include bits and pieces of about four other works he has written.

“Always show integrity, regardless of how hard it might be,” Oglesby said. “I’m a man that has learned from experiences, and not all of those experiences have been good ones.”

Oglesby said he strives to uphold positive ethics and morals, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made mistakes.

“Never give up on your dreams, but set goals and stick to them, even when someone doesn’t like what you’re doing,” he said. “As long as what you’re doing is positive and not hindering you from being a positive member of society, never give up.”

Oglesby said the predominant reason for wanting to publish “Memoirs of a Man” is because the writing portrays the various ways he has released moments in life in some way.

“I have watched people be touched by my words in the form of music, and I have even watched a strong man cry,” Oglesby said. “These writings I hope can be inspirational and touch people in the same way.”

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“Memoirs of a Man” is a 48-page paperback published by Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The book has been released worldwide and is available for purchase through Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Dorrance Publishing and through other media outlets.

For information, visit

Oglesby has his own YouTube channel and Facebook page under the name: marcuskaneoglesby.

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Name: Marcus Kane Oglesby

Age: 38

Wife: Leslie Chadd Oglesby

Children: Preston Kane Oglesby and Tyler Nolan

Favorite authors: R.A. Salvatore, Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, Terry Brooks and J.R.R. Tolkien

Accomplishment: He is on the dean’s list at American InterContinental University.

Hobbies: Reading, lifting weights, jogging, cooking, singing, writing, watching movies and spending time with his family.

Favorite bands: Five Finger Death Punch, Theory of a Deadman, Fear Factor, Static X, Brantley Gilbert, Kane Brown and Pentatonix.

Bands he has been in: Goth band during the Navy, a Christian rock band, Sabbath Seven, and a heavy metal rock band, MSC (Mechanically Separated Chicken)


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