Letter: Letter to the Editor Don Hill

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

To the editor:

Do you know what you look like? Of course, you do. And how do you know? Well, it’s that thing hanging on your bathroom wall that you stare at every morning, that’s how. The mirror of course. Can you imagine life without a mirror?

The people before the 13th century didn’t know what they looked like because they didn’t have mirrors. Oh, they may have gotten a wavy image by staring in water or maybe from a shiny piece of metal but not enough to really know what they looked like.

What no mirror! Well, sure you know what your body looks like, but you couldn’t see your face nor even your backside. I wouldn’t have known I was bald without looking into two mirrors. I guess people were too kind to tell me. They wouldn’t tell me about those bags under my eyes either.

Think about it; you women wouldn’t know that you needed makeup. Girls, try putting on lipstick without a mirror. Can you imagine a life where everybody knew what you looked like except you?

It brings to mind that Wild Indian card game where you drew a card and put it on your forehead. You couldn’t see it but everyone around the table could. I don’t remember how we played it, but I remember losing a lot of money playing it.

No mirror! Think why there were no self-portraits painted before the mirror was invented. I guess you have never thought of that. How did Cleopatra shape her eyebrows? Thank goodness Liz Taylor had a mirror. Oh, by the way, did you know the first rearview mirror was used in the Indy 500? You should know these things.

Think about not having mirrors and telling your girl, "Oh you look just like your father."

Poor thing would go away crying. Certainly, life would be different without mirrors. I my case, I look in the mirror every morning and say to the image, "You look marrrvolus!

Don Hill