Mayor’s race Tyler Henkle


Tyler Henkle

» Why did you decide to run for mayor?

Although I’m technically in the election and on the ballot for the position of mayor, what I’m doing is not about running for mayor of Seymour, Indiana. What I’m doing is running for Seymour. Seymour is home. It has been home to my grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and in all likelihood, home to my child(ren). I saw this election as an opportunity to get involved and have my voice and the voices of my generation that I may represent be heard.

» What experience would you bring to the mayor’s office?

In short, my life experience. If you want the long version, though, the experience of someone who had no direction. The experience of a lost soul who struggled to find himself and find a place in this infinite universe. The experience of a broken and beaten 20-something-year-old who wasn’t happy with who he was or how he treated himself or others and who saw no hope for a brighter future.

» What specific projects or initiatives should the city prioritize? Why and how should those be funded?

I can’t tell you exactly which ones should be prioritized because there are so many that are and will help the people of our city. I think the main thing is rallying our people to get out and get involved in something. One thing I’ve realized through my work with Healthy Jackson County is that different things take precedence over others to each individual in our city. Now, how will we fund it? We’ll open up our pocketbooks, each and every single one of us who can spare the extra money that we would alternatively spend on vacations or the new iPhone or the bigger house, and we will take care of the things and people that we really need to take care of or we won’t.

» Do you think there should be more collaboration between the city and the county on projects (i.e., work release center and judicial center) and how would you foster this relationship?

Yes, collaboration is key. There needs to be a constant line of communication between city and county officials regarding the projects both have going on, an understanding that what is good for the city can be good for the county and vice versa. Working toward a lower jail population and crime rate should take a front seat when it comes to pressing matters in Seymour and Jackson County as a whole. Seymour and Jackson County need a homeless shelter where any person can meet some of their most basic needs, shelter and safety. I would personally make it a mission of mine to bring such a facility to Seymour and Jackson County, regardless of the stigma and judgments, to create a place in which our homeless would be able to come and lay their heads for a time, to get themselves to a point in which they could then tend to their higher needs.

» Do you think the city should invest in solar energy? Why or why not?

Yes. It’s time to look toward the future and invest in emerging technologies that could help propel Seymour forward while at the same time giving us a return on our investment. I’m not entirely convinced the current solar project being put forth has been researched enough or if it’s the best option for Seymour. More research should be done into if we have been led to the best possible system available for the long term or simply the quickest and easiest option that has been pitched our way. Regardless, renewable energies are here. They’re becoming more affordable and practical.

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Name: Tyler J. Henkle

Party: Democrat

Age: 28

Occupation: Career counselor with Atterbury Job Corps and server with Rails Craft Brew and Eatery

Education: Graduate of Seymour High School; graduate of Ivy Tech Community College with an Associate of Arts in general studies; graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology; certificate in substance abuse counseling and certificate in case management

Organizations: Creator and partner of Day 50 50 initiative, Healthy Jackson County member, citizen of Earth


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