The night before…

(Editor’s note: Theresa Schwartz had her double mastectomy surgery on Friday.)

I wasn’t going to blog, then I was, then I wasn’t. Well, now I am.

I really don’t have a lot to say other than I’m doing OK. Nerves haven’t gotten the best of me yet, but I’m sure in the morning, I will feel different.

I have to be there by 6:30 a.m., so the drive will seem long. I’m ready for this surgery to be over.

I know all of this will never be over, as my life will be changed forever. I will face the fear of it coming back. I will adjust to my new boobs, but they will never be the ones I’m losing.

I know this happens to so many brave women and their lives go on to be happy and healthy. Mine will, too.

I mainly want to thank all of the women and men (old friends, new friends, family, cousins) who have reached out to me. It’s amazing to me that so many kind people care about me enough to reach out.

The women who have touched my life by sharing your breast cancer stories, a big hug and thank you. The meals that will be prepared on my husband’s and my behalf, thank you. The prayers that have continued for 53 days over my life have changed me in ways you’ll never know. Thank you.

As I lay my head down tonight, I’m lifting every single one of you up in prayer. God knows who you are. I’m thanking God for the lovely people in this community and elsewhere who have taken time out of their busy lives to pray for me and let me know they care. This is the best part of a small town. We reach out to one another, and it’s awesome.

I wish I could talk to every one of you individually and tell you how amazing you are, but since I can’t, I will tell you here. Every one of you are amazing. I love you all. From my family, husband and myself, thank you.

Tomorrow will start another journey in my life but without breast cancer. I’m ready.

John 15:12-13: “Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: To lay down one’s life for a friend.”