Seymour doubles player wrapping up career

When it comes to playing doubles in high school tennis matches, some athletes like to play at the net while others like to play the baseline.

Faith Guinn of Seymour likes to play up front.

“I prefer the net,” Guinn said. “I like hitting volleys better. I play doubles mostly. I like having somebody there because there is always somebody to have your back and it’s not all your responsibility.

“I like the teamwork part of it, so you can work together to get the point, and when you get down there is somebody there to bring you back up and you don’t just get in your head completely.”

In doubles, Guinn feels that communication leads to success.

“Communication is very important because, on the ball if you can’t get to it you have to let your partner know so they can get to it, and you have to know when to switch and go up and back, and if you don’t communicate then you’re just going to be on top of each-other, and you’re going to miss the ball,” Guinn said.

“I like being able to hit the ball in a certain direction. It’s easier for me to hit the ball when I’m at a volley and kill it, rather than when I’m back. I’m more concerned about just getting it over the net and hitting it harder, so I feel like I have more power shots and I can do volleys.”

Guinn, who is right-handed, plays on the deuce side of the court.

She said during practice she plays on both sides so she is ready to play on either side during a match.

The senior feels its important to get off to a strong start in matches.

“I think it’s really important because it determines how your mind is going to be for the rest of the game,” Guinn said. “If you lose the first set then you’re kind of going to be bummed out, thinking ‘I can’t do this.’ But if you win the first set then you’re pumped up and you’re ready for the rest of it.”

Both of Faiths’ older sisters played tennis in high school, and they are the reason she became interested in the sport, and began playing in seventh grade.

“I enjoy the team, and I enjoy playing it because it’s one of the most fun sports that I’ve actually played, and I just enjoy hanging out with the people and making friends and stuff,” Guinn said. “Being able to play tennis and learn more about the sport is definitely something I’ll remember.”

The senior enjoys the home matches.

“I like the environment better because my parents can come, my friends can come easier, and there is just more support,” Guinn said. “I think our team is more comfortable being home, so we are in a better mindset already going into the game.”

She said it is going to take teamwork to keep on winning.

“I think we just have to keep practicing and working as a team, and work on our communications skills, and just keep a positive mindset,” Guinn said. “I think the mental part is one of the most important things because if you have a poor mindset going in you’re not going to try real hard and you’re not going to do your best, and you’re not going to improve, and your mind set is just to keep getting worse.”

She has enjoyed attending SHS.

“I’ve enjoyed my teachers. They have made it to where I can get help any time I want it and I enjoy the different classes I’ve been able to take and the variety of courses, and I’ve noticed science is definitely my favorite, and that influenced what I want to do in college,” Guinn said.

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Name: Faith Guinn

High school: Seymour

Parents: John and Melissa Guinn

Siblings: Caylie, Brianna, Michael

Sports: tennis 4 years

Organizations: National Honor Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, D.A.R.E. Role Model, band, Special Olympics, student government, Key Club, French Club, Brown Walk for heart, Fear Fair

Plans after high school: attend Eckerd College in Florida, study marine biology

Favorite food: pasta

Favorite musicians: Panic! At the Disco

Favorite TV show: 911

Favorite movie: P.S. I Love You

Favorite athlete: Rafael Nadal