Seymour senior makes impact on baseball diamond, football field


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Devin Hill enjoys being outdoors in the fall and spring, and has spent a lot of time playing football and baseball in Seymour during those seasons.

The high school senior has excelled in both sports over the past four years.

He has worked as the Owls’ designated hitter in several games this spring, and has also spent a lot of time at first base.

“I like first base because you’re always in on every play,” Hill said. “My favorite part about playing first base is when you get hit a line drive, or a hard ground ball and you’ve got to lay out for it, you get up and you make the play. You’ve got to stay focused no matter what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if the ball his hit away from you, you’ve got to stay focused and know what’s going on.”

Hill enjoys hitting, and says he feels like he has the strength to hit line drives in the gaps to the fence.

“I’m not a big homerun-hitter,” Hill said. “I like to get hits and get on base. When I go up there I just look for something to hit. If it’s a first pitch fastball I’m just going to swing at it. When you’re down in the count, it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re always going to have a little bit of pressure on you because you’ve got to protect the plate. It’s always good to stay ahead in the count.”

Hill said he enjoys playing at American Legion Field, and recalled his first varsity game.

“My sophomore year we went to Richmond. I didn’t play, and they put me in to hit for R.J. Kleber,” he said. “I got a hit and after that weekend I was hitting 1.000. That was pretty big for me.”

Hill said the Owls need to play fundamental baseball in order to get some wins.

“We make the game so much quicker than it actually is,” he said. “ We’ve just got to slow it down and take it play-by-play.”

Hill started as an outside linebacker last fall.

“I was on the side with the tight end,” Hill said. “Most teams run their plays behind tight ends. My job was just to get hands on the tight end and beat him up as much as I could, and then rip off and try to find the ball, don’t let the ball get outside of me. I liked the left side better because I’m right-handed dominant so it was a lot easier for me on the left side. I loved to compete defensively. I love contact. It’s a matter of who has the most grit on the side.

“I love to compete. If the person across from me is kicking my tail — kudos to him. That’s fine, but I’m going to give it all I’ve got, and that’s what I like doing, seeing how I compete with the D 1 (division one) players I play against, especially big teams like Columbus East, Jeffersonville, New Albany, teams like that.”

One of his best memories was during the 2016 season.

“The biggest play I ever made was on the field at Jennings County,” Hill said. “My sophomore year, first time playing linebacker coach put me in that game and I got a 63-yard interception for a touchdown. I’ve had a couple interceptions, I’ve had a couple forced fumbles, and a couple fumble recoveries. Football has been amazing. It helped me out a lot.”

Last fall, Hill had 15 solos tackles and 56 assisted while recording two sacks.

He said practice is important in all sports.

“You’ve got to always practice like you play,” Hill said. “You can’t take a day off. If you do, that could be a loss on your record. You’ve got to take every day seriously. Playing baseball and football, I’ve always been hard on myself so if I make a mistake I’m always upset. I get angry. That’s what I’ve been working on. If you make a mistake you’ve just got to let it go. If you make the next play something better will happen that play.”

Hill believes in the weight room.

“I’ve worked my tail off in the weight room,” he said. “My favorite lift is probably squat. The most I’ve ever done is 430 pounds. Both teams, football especially, puts in a lot of work in the weight room. They’re in there all the time.”

Hill has enjoyed attending SHS.

“We have pretty good teachers at SHS,” Hill said. “They’ve made me smarter. I’ve had a good time here my whole life. The bus rides home after a win that’s the best part.”

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Name: Devin Hill

High school: Seymour

Parents: Mike Hill, Emily Craig

Sibling: Braydon

Sports: baseball 4 years, football 4 year

Athletic highlight: football defensive MVP

Organizations: Student athletic board

Plans after high school: attend college

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite TV show: Moonshiners

Favorite musicians: Lil Skies

Favorite movie: Patriots Day

Favorite athlete: Saquon Barkley


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