Easter brings new hope and faith

Today is Good Friday, the darkest day of the year for Christians around the world because it’s the day Christ was crucified on the cross at Calvary.

The Christian holiday, however, comes just two days before what is a time of great joy and togetherness for those professing the Christian faith.

Easter, which marks the climax of the Lenten season, erases the gloom of the death of Jesus Christ because it’s the day of his resurrection.

In Seymour, Jackson County and communities across the country and world, there were many Good Friday services at churches, but there will be far more special services Sunday beginning at sunrise.

Christians have every reason to celebrate Easter Sunday, a pivotal point in human history when God paid the ransom they owed. Jesus became their propitiation, as the Bible calls it, covering their sins with his blood.

Throngs of Christians will gather at churches around the world to receive inspirational messages of hope on Easter. It’s a triumphant sequel to the gloom of Christ’s death on Good Friday.

There’s another reason to celebrate with family and friends this Easter, as winter has released its ugly hold and been replaced by something resembling spring. The weather has not been as pleasant as many of us would hope, but nothing is ever perfect.

Or almost nothing. We can be sustained and draw new hope from the resurrection on that Easter Sunday more than 2,000 years ago. It carries a profound message of the risen Christ to all who believe.

The message of Easter will fill the air this weekend. Hear it in the church of your choice. As we acknowledge "He is Risen," that realization will give us new hope and faith in the future.