Words from my sweet, sweet papa

So I was having a hard time with something to write about this week, so I had my papa write about my time here and all of the different ways he is seeing me grow and the Lord use me.

Words from my papa:

“My everyday experience with my daughter in Africa is a very proud feeling. You always want your kids to grow up and do great things. Every good thing is a good feeling. I just wanted my kids to grow up in church to understand what love really is and to be a servant to others. Carlee has always loved others in everything she has done. Now, she is in Africa learning how to be a servant to a country that very much needs God’s love. I know with all my heart that Carlee will go on to do great things for God with this experience.”

I am so blessed to be here and love the work we did this past month. This past month has been full of amazing things and amazing ways to grow with the Lord.

Thursday marked the end of my time here in Zambia as we move on to Zimbabwe. Please keep my team and I in your prayers, as it is super-early here and we have a long day ahead of us. I’m not sure how much I will have WiFi this next month. Just know I will try to keep you updated as much as I can.

Love you all so much. Thank you for all your support in this season of my life.

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