Tigers senior has made a major impact in just two years


Logan Brewer said he received a warm welcome when he came to Crothersville High School in the spring of his sophomore year.

“Even though it’s a smaller school, they seemed more open, they seemed more inviting in than a bigger school,” he said. “At (Columbus) East, it seems like there are a lot of groups, and because it’s so big it’s hard to know everybody.

“You just stay with your own little group. Here it’s almost like a big family. Its one group and everybody here is so nice. It’s been great how they’ve treated everybody that came in that’s new.”

Brewer came to Crothersville from East in 2017, and has been playing baseball and basketball ever since.

Brewer is in his second season starting for the Tigers on the hardwood.

“I can kind of go wherever needed on offense,” Brewer said. “If I need to go down on the block, depending on who is guarding me, I can go down on the block and post up. If they need me on a wing I can go out to a wing. I can flash in, cut. If they need me to handle the ball a little bit, I can handle the ball.”

He carries an average of 18 points per game and scored 27 against Switzerland County and Medora, and 26 against South Central. He has been in the 20s four other times this season.

He scored 20 or more 10 times last season, including a school-record 45 against Christel House Academy.

Brewer said he enjoys shooting 3-pointers, but feels more comfortable shooting a 15-footer.

“We do a really good job of reading the defense on man a lot of times,” he said. “Then again, at times, we really move the ball well against a zone. We always find that opening right there at the basket and we get an easy two points.

“I think the transition game is good for us because we’re a really fast team this year. We like to push the ball, get things going. If we need to slow it down, we can.”

He said he feels like the team does a good job of adjusting to opponents on both ends of the floor.

He enjoys being a captain for the Tigers.

“It’s nice to feel that I can lead a team,” Brewer said. “Some of these kids have grown up in Crothersville. It’s an honor, not only coming in joining the team and becoming one of their brothers, but becoming a captain. I really don’t talk a lot during practice. I like to think when I play that I lead by example and it pushes everybody else to be better.”

Last spring, he split his time on the diamond between the mound, third base and shortstop.

He feels like he will see a lot of time at those positions again this season.

“When I first started playing baseball, short is where I started, but I kind of shifted over to third,” Brewer said. “I don’t have a preference. I’ll try to block the balls the best I can.”

He said communication is key on the diamond.

“One of the things about baseball is communicating where to go and what to do,” Brewer said. “If there is a pop up in the infield they need to communicate about who’s got it, where to cover.”

Brewer batted either third, fourth or fifth last spring. He said when he’s in the on deck circle he watches to see what the pitcher is throwing and adjusts when he gets in the box.

The senior said he throws a fastball, curve and a changeup. He said it does depend on where he is in the batting order as to whether he starts a batter off with a fast ball or something else.

He said practice is important.

“Just like basketball, we’re going to have to put in a lot of hard work (in baseball),” Brewer said. “I think we’re going to be pretty good this year. I would say practice should be harder than when it comes to game time.”

He has enjoyed attending CHS.

“I would say that I’ve had a pretty good career here,” Brewer said. “The teachers are wonderful. The coaches have been very accepting.

“I feel like the rest of the time I have here as a senior I’ve got to give it my all, and make sure I leave everything out there, not just for me or my family, but them and the whole community.”

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Name: Logan Brewer

High school: Crothersville

Parents: Eric Brewer and Natalie Brewer

Sports: basketball 4 years, baseball 3 years, cross-country 1 year

Athletic highlights: basketball: All-Southern Athletic Conference, school record for points in a game (45); baseball: All-SAC.

Organizations: S.A.D.D., fishing club, Christian Athletic Club

Plans after high school: attend college, play basketball

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite TV show: The Flash

Favorite musician: Ed Sheeran

Favorite movie: Avengers: Infinity War

Favorite team: Golden State Warriors


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