Brownstown four-year starter cherishes memories made on, off, the hardwood


While she’s had plenty of memorable games over the past four years, Brownstown Central’s Payton Farmer said the the friends, coaches, and memories made with her team are what matter most to her.

“Those are going to last a lifetime,” she said. “I’ll always be able to look back on those and remember those moments,”

Farmer, who began playing basketball in third grade, has been a four-year starter for the Braves.

She has always worked as a post player.

Farmer is right-handed, and said she likes to play on the left side so she can use her right hand when taking the ball to the hoop.

The senior said her favorite part of the game is playing defense.

Farmer said she enjoys the home games.

“They’re a lot of fun. I don’t think that most schools have the atmosphere that we have at Brownstown playing in The Pit,” she said. “Our fans are so wonderful, and are always energetic to the game. My favorite thing is when we go back into the locker room during warm ups and we come down and the band is playing.”

She takes pride in her rebounding the ball.

“I’ve always been a really good rebounder,” Farmer said. “I can tell where the ball is coming off of the rim. I’ve played with my teammates so much. I watch who is shooting and I know where the ball is likely to go.”

Over the years, Farmer has played on a lot of different teams between high school and travel basketball.

“I’ve played with a ton of different teammates,” Farmer said.:We’ve definitely seen the different competitions at tournaments. It’s a faster style and pace, and that really helped me coming into high school when we play faster teams such as New Albany or North Harrison, or teams that have the fast pace.”

She takes her practices seriously.

“They always say you practice how you play and I think that is something that Coach (Karla) Rieckers has really stressed to us this year,” Farmer said. “We’ve changed our practices and the first 30 minutes are the hardest out of the whole practice. We’ve really transitioned that into our game, and our style that we play. We want to start off at the beginning and get a jump on the team.

Farmer is in her second year as a team captain.

“This year in particular I’ve had to get the role as the leader because I’m a senior, I’m one of the players that have had the most varsity experience,” Farmer said. “So I feel like when it comes down to those important moments I need to lead the team and make sure everyone when we do get down, ‘hey, we’re fine,’ and I keep encouraging them.”

The Braves play a tough schedule and Farmer said has had trouble with her ankles and with concussions and didn’t get to play as much in the Toby Yoho Holiday Classic as she would like.

“This year I’ve made it through injury free because I’ve had trouble with my ankle all three years. I’ve had two surgeries,” Farmer said.

Farmer has enjoyed attending BCHS.

“The teachers are wonderful, our coaches are wonderful. Everyone wants us to do well. Everyone is supporting and on game day you’ll walk through the hallways and every teacher will wish you good luck or after the game the next day they say ‘you played really good.’

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Name: Payton Farmer

High school: Brownstown Central

Parents: Shannon and Jason Farmer

Sports: basketball 4 years

Athletic highlights: rebound award freshman year, two-year captain

Organizations: student council, booster club, lettermen’s club, Khamali Club, 4 H

Plans after high school: attend Purdue University or Oklahoma State

Favorite food: biscuits and gravy

Favorite musician: Tupac

Favorite movie: Fast and Furious

Favorite athlete, team: Kobe Bryant, Indiana University


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