Throwback Thursday — Jan. 24


In the latter part of the semester, in 1916 at Shields High School, the girls interested in basketball were organized, with Mr. Phillips as their coach. There were enough girls for two teams, and they played “according to the boys’ rules.” Practices were held regularly every Thursday afternoon after school. Scores were published on the Assembly Room board. Games with other schools were not scheduled, nor were any games played before the public.

Those who played included: Mabel Bennett, Lorita Bollinger, Genevieve Brocker, Carmina Colabuono, Alice Dixon, Lillian Griffitts, Marjorie Hagan, Frieda Hall, Carmel Hazard, Esther Humes, Annette Kessler, Lucile Kessler, Madge Linke, Katherine Love, Mildred Nichter and Veva Paul.

This week’s photo and information was taken from the 1916 “The Patriot” yearbook.

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