Medora senior fills variety of roles for basketball team


The term "team player" fits some athletes perfect.

Gwyneth Morris, a member of the Medora girls basketball team, is in that group.

“I’ve done all of it,” she said about playing different positions on the hardwood. “I’ve been a forward. I’ve been a center because we’ve had a lot of small girls on our team. I kind of like being a forward. I like playing down on the block. Especially on defense, I go down on the block. On offense, I usually stay a point guard.”

Morris said she does not have a preference of facing zone or man-to-man defenses. She said the Hornets have plays to run against either defense.

Her high-point game was scoring nine against Crothersville last year.

Morris said talking with teammates is important at both ends of the floor.

“Communication is definitely important," she said. "The girls need to know what play to run and where they should be, and if they have trouble, you’ve got to help them out. Teamwork is definitely important.”

Morris said the girls need to work hard in practice.

“It’s really important. That’s where we learn all our plays and where we’re supposed to be when we run through them," she said. "We practice our plays every day, make sure every girl has got it down, and if they don’t, we’ve got to help them out with it.”

She said the team needs to maintain a positive outlook.

“A lot of times, a lot of girls will get down, and if they miss a shot or something, they’ve got to bring their spirits back up," Morris said. "Otherwise, they’ll get mad and give up, but we can’t have that on the team.”

Medora is a member of the Southern Roads Conference this school year, and Morris said she is pleased the Hornets are in the conference.

“We usually know what teams we have a better chance of beating, and in the conference tournament, they really lay that out for you, and you really want to work harder next time to beat those teams," she said.

Morris said she began playing basketball in kindergarten.

“I just really enjoy playing basketball," she said. "I like how our team is more like a family than just people you know. We need some more teamwork (to win). We need to work on our plays. Some of the freshman girls are having more trouble just starting out in basketball. They don’t know much about it yet.”

She said she has enjoyed filling the role as a team captain.

“I was surprised. I didn’t know I was going to be a captain. I feel like I do pretty well at keeping the girls happy and motivated," Morris said.

She said she has enjoyed being a student at Medora.

“Everybody knows everybody," she said. "You know everyone’s name. You get along with everybody. We have small classes, so you get a lot of help from the teachers, one-on-one with the teachers.

“I’ll mainly remember the bus rides. They’ve been really fun throughout the years with all the girls joking around. I like how we have a lot of teamwork and work together, and I like the people I’ve played with through the years.”

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Name: Gwyneth Morris

High school: Medora

Parents: Jeremy Morris and Sherry Traub

Sibling: Elexus

Sports: Basketball, four years; cheerleading, one year

Athletic highlight: Winning the mental attitude award

Organizations: Beta Club, student council

Plans after high school: Attend college and study nursing

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite TV show: "The Office"

Favorite team: Indiana University


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