Trinity senior has enjoyed competing in multiple sports


Lauren Fleetwood started playing sports at an early age in Seymour, so she knew when she entered Trinity Lutheran High School that she wanted to continue to be involved in athletes.

She is in her fourth season of basketball with the Cougars, will be a four-year member of the tennis team in the spring, and played soccer the past two falls after playing volleyball for two years.

Fleetwood said she has learned to trust her teammates in all sports.

“You have to learn that you have to trust in others, and knowing that they will help you out, or that they have your back even if you think that they might not,” Fleetwood said.

Fleetwood plays close to the rim at both ends of the basketball floor.

“He (Coach Mike Lang) puts me in mostly as a defensive player in the center of our zone,” she said. “I enjoy playing zone. I play in the lane. If we’re down at the basket I play behind my player, but if we’re up top then in front of her. When we press I’m in the back.”

She said she enjoys battling for rebounds, and when the Cougars set up on offense, “I play on the block. I usually drop step and shoot.”

Fleetwood said has enjoyed playing in the Bollinger Athletic Complex.

“I like the home games,” she said. “It’s a good atmosphere being on your home court that you always practice on and play in. Basketball is like soccer, I enjoy communicating with my teammates, and working together as one function.”

She played in the midfield in soccer.

“I played on the defensive back line,” Fleetwood said. “I tried to get the ball away from the other team. I liked my teammates the most and how we moved together and worked well together. You always communicated with someone to figure out where you were going to place the ball.”

Fleetwood says she enjoys playing doubles on the tennis team, although with some of the singles players having graduated, she may play some singles in the spring.

She said she uses the experience of playing the past three years to her advantage.

“I know how to move on the courts now because I’ve been playing, and I know how to communicate with my partner, which helps a lot when communicating with someone new,” Fleetwood said. “I like working with other people and playing with somebody I know, someone that always has your back.”

Fleetwood, who is right-handed said, “I usually play on the left side. I like to play at the net because I’m a better net player because I’m taller (6-foot), and I have very long arms so it’s easy to get lobs. You have to have good reaction at the net.”

Fleetwood said she is glad she chose to attend TLHS.

“My brother (Jarod) had already come here, and we liked the small environment and the Christian environment that it offered. I’ve had excellent teachers,” she said.

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Name: Lauren Fleetwood

High school: Trinity Lutheran

Parents: Kevin and Karen Fleetwood

Sibling: Jarod

Sports: basketball 4 years, tennis 4 years, soccer 2 years, volleyball 2 years.

Athletic highlights: basketball-2018 sectional champions; soccer- academic all-state.

Organizations: National Honor Society, band, choir, school play, culture club, student ambassador, Events team, St. Ambrose Youth Group.

Plans after high school: attend Indiana University

Favorite food: chicken

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite musician: Antonio Cipriani

Favorite movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


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