Parks and rec. league results and standings — Dec. 15


Seymour Parks and Rec. Winter Volleyball

Results and standings

Week 4

(Through Dec. 13)

Coed league


Sovern’s Body Shop;9;16

Talls and smalls;21;11;8

Seymour Eye Clinic;16;2;15

Hill’s Fish Stand;21;21

Bad Blocks;4;7

Whoa Bundy;21;21


Hollewood Hustlers;22;21

Hampton Towing;20;16

Whoa Bundy 4-0

Celebrations 3-1

Hollewood Hustlers 3-1

Hill’s Fish Stand 3-1

Hampton Towing 2-2

Sovern’s Body Shop 2-2

Seymour Eye Clinic 2-2

Talls and Smalls 1-3

Valeo 0-4

Bad Blocks 0-4

Upper ‘A’ League

Exist Salon;21;21

Turtle Fish;14;1

Progressive Physical Therapy;21;20;15

Ewing Unique;12;22;11

Will’s Auto;18;21;15

Poplar Street Tavern;21;9;10

Will’s Auto 4-0

Exist Salon 4-0

Progressive Physical Therapy 2-2

Turtle Fish 1-3

Poplar Street Tavern 1-3

Ewing Unique 0-4

Lower ‘A’ League

Rose Acres #1;21;21


Spring Fever Custom Calls;21;21

Stahl’s Cafe;13;16

Rose Acres #2;13;16

Wax the Cat;11;21;12

Stahl’s Cafe 3-1

Rose Acres #2 3-1

Rose Acre’s #1 2-2

Spring Fever Custom Calls 2-2

Wax the Cat 1-3

Bubba’s 1-3

Upper ‘B’ League

Grape Ape Racing;21;21

Rose Acres;18;7

Kill Shots;21;20;16

Wal Mart;14;22;14

Poplar Street Tavern;21;21

June Bug Boutique;16;15


How I Set Your Mother;13;19

Poplar Street Tavern 4-0

June Bug Boutique 3-1

F.O.E 3-1

Grape Ape Racing 3-1

Kill Shots 1-3

Wal Mart 1-3

How I Set Your Mother 1-3

Rose Acres 0-4

Lower ‘B’ League


Family Drug;14;9


Black Sunshine;18;17

One Hot Mess;21;21

Jackson Co. Dental;16;13

Bump Set Pysch;21;21

The Book Place;16;12

Hearts Desire 3-0

Valeo 3-1

Family Drug 2-1

WinSupply 2-1

Bump Set Psych 2-2

The Book Place 2-2

One Hot Mess 1-2

Black Sunshine 1-3

Jackson Co. Dental 0-4

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